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What is Coaching?


Contrary to popular belief, coaching is not counseling!  Coaching consists of allowing an individual to assist you in learning who you are and what your best life consists of.


Coaching helps the individual to consider his or her dreams, aspirations, and life purpose.


Individuals hear a great deal about the fact that they have a destiny; however, not many actually figure out what that destiny is.


Have you ever wondered...

"What am I here for?  or What am I supposed to be doing?


Coaching can help you answer these questions and many more!

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with little or no success?





It's Time to Catch the Dream! 

Life Focus Training


Make your personal individual or group appointment  to begin your journey to a better life!


Session Include:

  • Life Purpose Traning

  • Value Discovery

  • Gift Assessment

  • Goal Setting Process

  • Supportive Conversation



Types of Sessions:

  • In - Person

  • Email

  • Phone




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